Arus Baru supports Kelantan’s MB call for all politicians to stop slandering and defaming their opponents.

In his speech during the presentation of land titles to settlers of Felcra Gual Dalam, MB Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat is reported to have stated that such actions are unhealthy and against the Islamic teachings.


Earlier, Tn Hj Aminuddin Yahaya, Vice President of Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) had also called upon the same message.

“Slandering only leads to hatred and continuous enmity”.

“In our view, Malaysians have to change their attitude towards politics from it being sentimental and full of slandering to a k-politic (knowledge-politic), one that is mature and with knowledge”, he said in his speech during Wacana PRU-13: Benarkah ISMA terima dana UMNO held in Danau Golf, Bangi on Tuesday.


Slandering is a childish attitude and downgrades the Malaysian’s IQ level as a whole especially when a large number of citizens, typically the fanatics of each political parties falls for the slander, perceiving it as a true piece of information, and being all obsessive in spreading the news to defame another individual or political party.

This attitude is accustomed to Malaysians for a long time and has proven to cause continuous loathing and rancor among Malaysian citizens of different political views when we should instead be in unity in developing a better country and nation.

Therefore, Arus Baru urges all political figures and Malaysian citizens to refrain from mud-slinging and to adopt a mature and civilized political manner.

It is time for Malaysians to bring a whole new perspective to politics where supports from the people are obtained by demonstrating and campaigning on what each political party has to offer to the citizens, instead of the orthodox method of defaming the rivals.

Arus Baru also hope that the people of Malaysia can be more critical towards any piece of information given, proactively seek to find the truth, and to be mature, just and rational in weighing arguments from opposing parties.

Arus Baru | Gaya Politik Baru


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